Thank You!!

Nearly half past eight, and as usual just getting back home.  What a relief – people are actually coming down to the Garden Centre to see us!  Thank you all so very, very much!!  Thank you also to the lady who called our home number today (assume you thought it was the work one?) to ask what our opening hours are, as we hadn’t put them on the web site.  Good spot, and sorry, but yes we were open.  I’ve now updated the web site and the opening hours are there for all to see.  In truth it feels like we’ve moved in to King’s Mill Lane, as we only really leave to go home and sleep, but officially we are open 9am to 6pm every day except Sunday, when we operate from 10am to 4pm.  Everyone who’s seen our makeshift signs saying we are open -ish seems to have been amused, and I have to tell you our opening times are also “ish”.  As a small business below a certain size I understand we are free to set our own hours without restrictions, and though the official hours are those published above we’d never turn you away if we are there, and you need or want something we’ve got.

Thank you for your support so far;  we promise to try hard to get better and better.

May 06, 2012 — Andrew Lay

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