Plants & Coffee at Lay of the Land - Garden Centre, Settle, North Yorkshire
Plants & Coffee at Lay of the Land - Garden Centre, Settle, North Yorkshire
Ger Excited and Grow Things at Lay of the Land - Garden Centre, Settle, North Yorkshire


They say the best things come in small packages. Our family run garden centre located in the Yorkshire Dales town of Settle is no exception. Founded in spring 2012 by the Lay family, our little ‘pocket’ garden centre sells beautiful plants, pots, gifts and all sorts of other gardening related wares the discerning gardener might need. We also have a café / coffee shop with great coffee... (and other tasty delights too).

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Drought Adaption Part 1 - Water Management

Drought Adaption Part 1 - Water Management

In our last blog we considered how we can reduce water usage in our gardens given recent weather conditions and imminent hosepipe ban. These tips and tricks were small changes that could be made quickly. However, as the climate continues to change, temperatures in this country will rise and heatwaves and drought conditions may become more common in the UK[1]; how can we better adapt and re-design our gardens to cope with dry periods in the future?
October 02, 2022 — Peter Lay

10 ways to reduce water use in your garden.

At the time of writing, large areas of England have been declared as in drought, and it looks like Yorkshire may follow suit soon[1]. Yorkshire water has announced a ‘hosepipe’ ban at the end of the month (26th of August)[2]. What does that mean for gardeners? And what can we do about it?

August 16, 2022 — Peter Lay
Sage Advice for Bees

Sage Advice for Bees

The genus salvia is one of the widest in the plant family with over 900 species worldwide, and one species or another is native across almost two thirds of the planet, including here in the UK.  Salvia are also known as sages, with common sage, Salvia officinalis, being probably the best well known species through culinary uses, albeit many people wouldn’t know it as a salvia at all. 
July 10, 2021 — James Lay


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