The café will be closed from Sat 3rd July 2021 for approx. 4 weeks whilst we undertake some refurbishment works. Further details TBC.


They say the best things come in small packages. Our family run garden centre located in the Yorkshire Dales town of Settle is no exception. Founded in spring 2012 by the Lay family, our little ‘pocket’ garden centre sells beautiful plants, pots, gifts and all sorts of other gardening related wares the discerning gardener might need. We also have a café / coffee shop with great coffee... (and other tasty delights too).

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Sage Advice for Bees

Sage Advice for Bees

The genus salvia is one of the widest in the plant family with over 900 species worldwide, and one species or another is native across almost two thirds of the planet, including here in the UK.  Salvia are also known as sages, with common sage, Salvia officinalis, being probably the best well known species through culinary uses, albeit many people wouldn’t know it as a salvia at all.  However, it isn’t only native plants which are vital to the well being of our insect populations and the pollinators among them, and many garden worthy salvias imported in the past 100 years have multiple benefits for both gardeners and the creatures they share their gardens with. 
Salvias are aromatic, often long flowering, often brightly or unusually coloured, and usually attractive to pollinators.  They are diverse in habit, hardiness, form and leaf size, but they all share common traits.  As garden plants they are pretty unfussy – about the only thing they don’t like is excessive wet, especially in winter.  They are often easy to propagate, so even the tenderer ones can be overwintered with care.  They are often very striking, and they come in such an array of size and form that there will be one for almost every place in the garden.  They are good, for instance, as underplanting for shrub roses, as the aromatic nature of their leaves will deter aphids, and the shrubby types, such as ‘Hot Lips’, ‘Nachtvlinder’ or ‘Joy’, will form a dense undercover.  This has the benefit of preventing blackspot spores, which may have overwintered on decayed leaves on the surface of the soil, from splashing back up on to the foliage of the roses in heavy rain.  
Salvia make great pot plants, focal points, feature plants and the supporting cast; witness the great curled silver leaves of Salvia argentea, the statuesque ‘Amistad’, the long flowering and tough Caradonna.  They attract bees and other pollinators, and many have herbal or culinary uses too.  Plant some salvia in your garden – you won’t regret it!
July 10, 2021 — James Lay
We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring!

Got an addiction to coffee and a passion for great food?

We are after an enthusiastic person to join our team on a part time basis. No experience is necessary, but a passion to serve our wonderful customers with great food and coffee is a must. On site training will be provided

March 21, 2021 — James Lay

Our Fledgling Orchard

Jimmie and I had a really good couple of days the other week, during a brief respite in the weather, planting some trees in our fledgling orchard.
February 06, 2021 — Andrew Lay

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We're quite new to this internet thing... and we haven't managed to get all of our products online yet. We have loads of products, particularly plants, in our garden centre, that we haven't been able to upload. If you can't find what you need, please do get in touch to see if we can help you. Say Hello!


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