Summer, eh?
Well, what a wash out summer has been so far.  By all accounts it’s the worst gardening “season” in 30 years!  What a year to open a garden centre then!  Well, actually it’s not been a bad year to start.  We’ll have learned so many lessons by the end of it, and despite the doom and gloom surrounding the industry generally we are doing better than we had hoped or planned for so far, albeit we were very modest about our first year prospects.  We hope and believe therefore that as we get better known and our reputation grows we will prove the good people of Settle right.  They (we) do need a garden centre, and we will be sticking around !  The feedback so far has been great and incredibly positive, so now all we need is for more people to be able to find their way their way down the side of the Arla Dairy and round past the lorry park to discover where we are – tucked away at the far end of King’s Mill Lane.  Hope to see you soon.
July 04, 2012 — Andrew Lay

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