On feeling inspired.
Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time.  This last couple of weeks have been as wet, cold and miserable as any since I started my new venture, and I certainly needed some. How nice then to hear today from one of my lovely customers in Long Preston, who has given me rather a challenge with her recently somewhat neglected plot.  I noticed she had been painting her fences and power washing her drive and commented upon it.  She said I’d inspired her to do so!  Fantastic, all the inspiration I needed too, to get on with the job in hand, despite the weather (at least until the heaven’s opened once again anyway).  Thanks JW!!  Also absolutely loved being told by another customer this morning she’d recommended me to someone in  Eldroth – “hope it’s not too far for you?”.  Of course not JM, and many thanks to you too!  The train is at Inspiration Station today, all fuelled up and ready to go.
October 19, 2011 — Andrew Lay

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