A good week for Lay of the Land

Gosh!  Another week passed, and it was all a blur.  The first full week of Rob and I working together, side by side, and all in all things went pretty well.  I’ve enjoyed his company, his wicked sense of humour and his willingness to learn.  We’ll gloss over how I feel when he’s first awake (or not) and just say that when he warms up, and has eaten something, he’s a much more agreeable companion.  I’ve also appreciated his muscle at times!

A good varied week in which we’ve started to re-model a garden in Barrowford.  We put some fence posts in, cleared and graded the beds and laid landscape fabric prior to replanting and gravelling what will be a nice, neat low maintenance garden.  We also worked on one of my regular gardens in Long Preston, where the job is to tidy up a nice garden which has become rather neglected and overgrown, and bit by bit we are restoring it.  In another of my regular gardens in Stackhouse we tackled an overgrown shrubbery and have started to carve out a new access path through to the compost bins.  We rounded off the week collecting 50 5 foot high hedging plants for a garden in Cowling (another regular).  I was amazed we could get 50 plants in my Transit Connect, but we did, and got them to Cowling without any damage.

In between times we’ve been laying concrete footings and starting a block retaining wall in the yard at our soon to be Garden Centre premises.  It’s all hard graft, and we have it all to do ourselves, but there’s an enormous amount of satisfaction to be gained by doing so.  I also really enjoy chatting to the local people walking past who seem to be starting to get really quite curious about what exactly is going on!

November 11, 2011 — Andrew Lay

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