Flowerpot Festival will start at the end of the month and run until the 31st of August, for those of you who would like to take part here’s some help towards making your own Flower Pot People. Flower pot people can be made out of any flower pots you happen to have lying around, plastic, terracotta or even more exotic types, the only stipulation that they have drainage holes (or you can drill them). If you need flower pots we have a collection of free recycled pots at the garden centre for those looking to make flower pot people along side our normal stock of all manner of plant pots of all shapes and sizes. To connect the pots together you’ll need some wire, rope, string or cable ties.

The lovely video above by Style Me TV shows how to make a flower pot person with terracotta and rope and our flier below shows how to make a simple plant pot person with garden wire and metal washers.

We look forward to seeing your creations!  #Settleflowerpotfestival

Lay of the Land - How to make a flower pot person


June 15, 2014 — Andrew Lay


Lay of the Land

Lay of the Land said:

Hi Sharon
I’m afraid we don’t, but one could be made much the same way by using two pots for the body, open ends together, and a string of pots together, like the arms and legs, as the neck. You’ll probably need to hang it from something as it won’t take it’s own weight.
Hope that helps :)


Sharon said:

would you have directions for a giraffe

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