Support your local retailers

Top 10 Reasons to support local Settle retailers:-

  • It helps the local economy, and can lead to new jobs being created, which must be good for the people who live here.
  • You can probably buy anything you need in Settle.
  • We have a diverse range of interesting establishments, well established as well as relative newcomers, offering individually chosen goods.
  • Stock is built up based on experience of what is needed, not what a few big stores buyers find fashionable.
  • Prices are often just as competitive as the big stores, as long as you look past the high profile loss leaders they suck you in with.
  • Profits are modest and often spent again locally.
  • We make shopping a pleasure.  Friendly faces and time for a chat!
  • Feedback is always taken on board, with very short lines of communication to the business owner.  Would Comet be going bust and losing 6,000 jobs if the management were closer to the shop floor (and if there weren’t as many potentially non productive mouths to feed!)?
  • We don’t put the manufacturers and suppliers of goods under the sort of price pressure  which causes businesses to fail and jobs to be lost that many supermarkets do.
  • If you don’t support your local businesses they may disappear.  Who benefits from that ultimately?

Settle is a great place to do your shopping, and it’s improving all the time.  Keep supporting us, and we’ll keep improving, and multiplying.

November 06, 2012 — Andrew Lay

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