How green are your fingers?

Gardening tips? Easy to roll out a few seasonal “what to do now”s, or “which plants look good in May”, like every other advice column.

I’m not convinced that approach is interesting to anyone other than people who already garden. What about those who don’t?

An anonymous quote reads “Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years”. How true. Get excited and grow things! It doesn’t matter what, just enjoy the sheer thrill of watching nature in the raw.

Ok, so there is a little bit to learn if you want to do it well, but don’t worry because help is always on hand if you know where to look. Heck though, what’s the worst that can happen? No-one dies, but the plant. If you want to give it a fighting chance buy it from someone who can tell you where and how to grow it.

Janet Kilburn Phillips famously said “There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments”. So what if it doesn’t grow? Plants are cheap, and as long as you learn something from the experience…..

Hang on a minute…plants are cheap? Yes, of course.

A rose bush costs less than a decent bottle of supermarket plonk, and can easily bloom well for over 20 years.

A tree costs less than a week funding a 15 a day smoking habit. What’s more it will benefit the atmosphere for generations.

A primrose costs less than a bar of chocolate.

Need I say more?

May 07, 2015 — Andrew Lay

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