Who stole winter?

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Ouch!  January and February already been and gone, and not a blog entry in sight.  I could make up some excuses for that, been to Australia to see my sister, or had operation on my wrist which made typing uncomfortable for a week or two.  I could say I tried but the extra security layer Peter has installed on the site baffled me for a while, or I could just accept that I’ve let other things get in the way.

Mostly the other things have been concerned with the garden centre, as we are now working almost flat out to have it up and running by the official start of spring.  It won’t be the complete and polished final version, but we will at least have a secure plant area and a rudimentary shop.  The goodwill from people passing by on the lane has just been so encouraging lately.  I’ve heard the word “exciting” used in conversations about the garden centre several times and people smile and stop to ask when we are opening, and wish us luck constantly now.  All very gratifying!

We’re now starting to finalise what else we’ll sell apart from plants.  We’ll be stocking Kings Seeds, a lesser known High Street brand but a very long established growers favourite, who also supply the packet contents for some of their better known competitors.  Darlac hand tools will sit alongside better known brands, but I like them because of their value for money durability and innovation.  Cadix make excellent quality and very stylish containers, and we should have a good range to share with you, and they are just a sample of the quality brands we’ll be dealing with.

On the gardening side it’s time to start tidying those perennial beds, raking up all the dead leaves and foliage.  It’s a good time to look at your garden and see whether everything really is as you want it, before the burst of growth which spring brings fleshes over the bare bones once again.  As we’ve had a mild start to the year everything is likely to happen just that little bit earlier too, something I’ve definitely discovered as the phone has been ringing with enquiries much more than I’d anticipated.  Onwards and upwards!

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