Feeling good/Feeling bad!

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We’ve been soooo very busy that I really haven’t been making the time to update my blog as regularly as intended.

On the one hand – great to be busy.  On the other, well I spoke with two people just yesterday who both mentioned they’d read it!  Oops, they probably also noticed it hadn’t been updated for a while then!!

So what’s going on?

The garden centre premises are almost ready.  Sterling efforts from all, but especially Peter, Robert and Dave Carles, my electrically qualified pal.  Lot’s of comments from passers by about what a good job we’ve made, they can’t believe the difference, and a garden centre being just what Settle needs.  I hope so!

We’ve started getting stock arranged.  We have seed from Kings – a specialist firm who actually supply the seed in some of the better known brand’s packets.  We’ll have plants arriving imminently, from suppliers we’ve researched and trust to supply us with hardy and reliable, mostly BRITISH stock.  We’ll even have greenhouses on display.  Much, much more still to order, but it’s a painstaking process comparing prices and making sure we drive the best deals so that in addition to being able to source recognisable, trusted brands, locally in Settle, you’ll still also get a fair price.

Next time I’ll share some more photographs showing what’s changed since last time.

On the gardening front we are getting quite busy already, with varied jobs from the good old spring tidy, to digging out new borders, building raised beds and even a spot of dry stone wall repairing, not to mention a couple of new design enquiries.  I LOVE gardening though, so I’m very happy!


  1. Janet Mitchell

    Good stuff Andy! Enjoyed reading your update and must call round and have a look next time I am in Settle.

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